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best coffee brand in india

India has a rich history of coffee consumption that dates back to the 16th century. The Sufi saint Baba Budan introduced coffee farming to India when he brought seven seedlings from Yemen and planted them in the Chikmagalur hills in Karnataka.

Since that time, coffee has assimilated into Indian culture and is enjoyed by individuals from all spheres of life.

best coffee in india

Although India is generally recognized for its culture of tea, coffee has become incredibly popular in recent years.

The Coffee Board of India performed a survey, which revealed a 6% yearly rise in coffee consumption in India. India was the sixth-largest producer of coffee in the world in 2019–20, producing 3.3 lakh tonnes.

Best Coffee Brands in India

Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai is a specialty coffee roaster that sources its beans from small coffee farms across India. They are known for their focus on traceability and transparency, ensuring that their coffee beans are ethically sourced and sustainable.

blue tokai coffee brand india

They work closely with farmers to help them improve the quality of their coffee and pay them fair prices for their beans.

Blue Tokai offers a range of blends and single-origin coffees, each with its unique flavor and aroma. Their coffee is carefully roasted to bring out the unique flavors of each region, resulting in a rich and complex taste.

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Coorg Coffee

Coorg Coffee is a family-owned business that has been producing coffee for over 125 years. Their coffee is roasted using conventional techniques, giving it a robust and rich flavor.

coorg coffee brand in india

The beans used in Coorg Coffee come from its own plantations in Karnataka, and the company makes sure that they are farmed sustainably and ethically.

They offer a range of blends and roasts, each with its unique flavor profile. Their coffee has a strong aroma and a full-bodied taste, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts in India.

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Seven Beans

Seven Beans is a premium coffee brand that sources its beans from the high-altitude regions of India. Their coffee has a distinctive flavour and scent since it is cultivated at a height of 4,500 to 6,000 feet.

seven beans coffee india

A variety of mixes, each with a distinctive flavor profile, are available from Seven Beans. Their coffee has a deep, nuanced flavour and a velvety, smooth texture.

Small-batch coffee roasting by Seven Beans ensures optimum freshness and flavor.

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel is a coffee brand that offers unique blends and flavors, such as the Malabar Whistling Schoolboy and the Sattva Organic Blend.

flying squirrel coffee india

Their coffee is sourced from small coffee farms across India, ensuring that the beans are of the highest quality.

Flying Squirrel roasts its coffee in small batches, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. Their coffee has a distinctive flavour profile with undertones of caramel, chocolate, and almonds.

Flying Squirrel is known for its unique and innovative approach to coffee, making it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts in India.

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Lavazza is an Italian coffee brand that is popular in India for its full-bodied and intense flavor. To accommodate various tastes and preferences, they provide a variety of mixes and roasts.

lavazza coffee india

Lavazza ensures the best quality by sourcing its beans from all around the world. They roast their coffee using conventional Italian techniques, producing a flavour that is rich and nuanced.

Lavazza is a preferred brand among Indian coffee drinkers because of its reliability and high quality.

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Best Instant Coffee in India

best instant coffee brand in india

Nescafe Instant Coffee

Nescafe is a brand that has been present in India for several decades, and it has established itself as a household name.

High-quality coffee beans are meticulously roasted and ground to make Nescafe instant coffee, which produces a cup of coffee that is flavorful and fragrant.

Nescafe Instant Coffee

Nescafe provides a variety of instant coffee mixes, including traditional, rich, and decaf, to suit various palate preferences.

The rich mix has a stronger and bolder flavor than the traditional blend, which is smoother and more evenly balanced. For those who wish to experience the flavor of coffee without caffeine, the decaf blend is a fantastic choice.

Bru Instant Coffee

The flavour of Bru is well renowned for being robust and powerful.Bru uses a unique blend of coffee and chicory to create its instant coffee, which gives it a distinct taste that is loved by many.

Bru Instant Coffee

Bru offers a range of instant coffee blends that cater to different taste preferences, including classic, gold, and select.

The classic blend has a strong and bold flavor, while the gold blend has a smoother and more balanced taste.

A select blend is a premium option that uses high-quality Arabica coffee beans to create a rich and aromatic cup of coffee.

Davidoff Instant Coffee

Premium instant coffee brand Davidoff is well-known for its rich and refined flavor. Davidoff uses 100% Arabica beans to create its instant coffee, which results in a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee.

Davidoff Instant Coffee

Davidoff offers a range of instant coffee blends, including classic and espresso. The classic blend has a balanced and delicate taste, while the espresso blend has a bold and intense flavor.

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Continental Instant Coffee

Continental is a popular instant coffee brand that is known for its rich and robust flavor. Continental uses a unique blend of coffee and chicory to create its instant coffee, which gives it a distinct taste that is loved by many.

Continental Instant Coffee

Continental offers a range of instant coffee blends that cater to different taste preferences, including classic and strong. The classic blend has a smooth and balanced taste, while the strong blend has a stronger and more robust flavor.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Starbucks VIA is a high-end brand of instant coffee that is renowned for its superior coffee beans and robust flavour.

Starbucks VIA uses a unique process called micro grinding to create its instant coffee, which preserves the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans.

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Starbucks VIA offers a range of instant coffee blends, including medium and dark roasts. The flavour of the dark roast is bolder and more powerful than that of the medium roast, which is smooth and well-balanced.

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There is a rising demand for premium coffee beans and blends in India due to the country’s continually expanding coffee industry.

With the rise of specialty coffee shops and the increasing popularity of coffee among the younger generation, the future of the coffee industry in India looks promising.

Moreover, with the focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing of coffee beans, the industry is expected to grow in a more responsible and environmentally-friendly manner.

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