The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review, IMBD Rating Voice Cast and Box Office Collection

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review, IMBD Rating Voice Cast and Box Office Collection

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has taken over the entertainment industry, yet it has received mixed reviews from reviewers and audiences alike. On the one hand, the film has been praised for its spectacular graphics, enthralling music that pays respect to the beloved video game franchise, and steadfast commitment to keeping true to its original material. 

However, there is another side to the coin, as the writing and narrative have been criticised for their apparent lack of depth and for being swamped by fan service. Join us as we explore the highs and lows of this highly anticipated animated adventure in the universe of Mario and pals.

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Reviews of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has received a mixed bag of reviews from reviewers. It has received accolades for its amazing visuals, compelling music, and commitment to remaining faithful to the source video games. 

However, the storyline and general narrative have not been without criticism, with some claiming that they are shallow and overwhelmed by the quantity of fan service. Though opinions on some areas of voice acting, notably Chris Pratt’s interpretation, have been varied, Jack Black’s performance has been a highlight.

Reviews of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Audience reviews, on the other hand, have been noticeably more favorable, praising the picture for the same reasons that reviewers have. Nonetheless, some viewers have expressed reservations about the film’s speed and brief duration.

Notably, John Leguizamo, who plays Luigi in the live-action remake, has expressed dissatisfaction with the film’s lack of Latin representation in the cast. Despite several cast members’ Latin origin, such as Anya Taylor-Joy and Fred Armisen, Leguizamo has claimed that he has no aspirations to watch the animated picture.

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IMBD Rating of The Movie

The movie have a 7.1 IMBD rating out of 10.  

IMBD Rating of The Movie

Plot of The Movie

In the busy borough of Brooklyn, Italian-American twins Mario and Luigi start a new plumbing business, much to the chagrin of their old boss, Spike, and the displeasure of their father. 

Their routine lives are turned upside down when they hear about a major water main leak on the news and decide to dive into its depths for repairs. But fate intervenes when they are accidentally transported via a Warp Pipe, dividing them into two divergent realities.

Mario finds himself in the enchanted Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by the benign Princess Peach. Meanwhile, Luigi finds himself in the foreboding Dark Lands, ruled by the villainous Koopa king, Bowser. 

Bowser, driven by his ambition to marry Princess Peach, holds the Mushroom Kingdom prisoner with the ominous Super Star menace. He holds Luigi hostage in order to influence Mario, whom he regards as a competition for Peach’s affection.

Mario’s voyage in the Mushroom Kingdom sends him on a mission to form alliances with the primate Kongs, commanded by King Cranky Kong, while Luigi’s imprisonment causes problems. Mario and his friends set out to foil Bowser’s evil ambitions, aided by surprising allies and fresh drive.

Their journey concludes with a spectacular clash at Bowser and Peach’s wedding ceremony, when pandemonium prevails and Mario and Luigi must gather their inner power to rescue the day. The epic conflict, a clash of heroes and villains, finally returns them all to Brooklyn, where they are acclaimed as neighbourhood heroes.

Finally, Mario and Luigi decide to relocate to the Mushroom Kingdom, beginning a new chapter in their life as plumbers and heroes.

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Super Mario Bros. Voice Cast

In the upcoming Mario movie, the star-studded cast brings beloved video game characters to life in a new and exciting way. Chris Pratt takes on the role of Mario, an everyday plumber from Brooklyn who finds himself in the fantastical Mushroom Kingdom on a mission to rescue his brother.

Super Mario Bros. Voice Cast

Anya Taylor-Joy portrays Princess Peach, the kind-hearted ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, who was raised by its mushroom-like inhabitants after being transported there as a baby. Charlie Day voices Luigi, Mario’s timid yet loyal younger brother, who gets captured by the formidable Bowser and his army, setting the stage for their epic adventure.

Jack Black brings his comedic talent to the role of Bowser, the formidable King of the Koopas, with diabolical plans to marry Peach and seize control of the kingdom. Keegan-Michael Key voices Toad, a Mushroom Kingdom resident eager for his first real adventure.

The cast also includes Sebastian Maniscalco as Spike, the brothers’ former boss, and Kevin Michael Richardson as Kamek, Bowser’s sorcerer advisor. Charles Martinet, the original voice actor for Mario and Luigi in the games, voices the brothers’ father and Giuseppe. 

Jessica DiCicco, Rino Romano, John DiMaggio, and others round out the talented ensemble, giving voice to a variety of characters from the Mario universe.

This star-studded cast promises to deliver a fresh and entertaining take on the beloved Mario franchise, with each actor bringing their unique flair to these iconic characters, making it a highly anticipated movie for fans of all ages.

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Release Date of The Movie


The Super Mario Bros. Movie had its world debut at the Regal LA Live in Los Angeles, California, attended by the whole cast and crew. The film was released theatrically in the United States on April 5, 2023, followed by its Japanese release on April 28. It was shown in a variety of formats, including normal screenings and thrilling IMAX 2D and 3D experiences.

Home Media

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released digitally on May 16, 2023, and then on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD on June 13 in the United States, with early sales beginning on June 6. Fans in the United Kingdom will be able to purchase these formats beginning July 24. 

On August 3, 2023, the film will be accessible for streaming on NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service. The film will have an initial four-month run on Peacock during the pay-TV window, followed by a ten-month run on Netflix, and then a return to Peacock for the last four months under an 18-month unique deal with Netflix.

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Box Office Collection Of Super Mario Bros.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a huge movie office hit as of September 5, 2023. It has earned an incredible $574.9 million in the United States and Canada, with an additional $784.8 million from other markets, for a remarkable global total of $1.36 billion. 

Box office Collection Of Super Mario Bros.

What’s actually remarkable is that it broke box office records in its first week, quickly becoming the highest-grossing cinematic adaptation of a video game ever. It also holds the distinction of being the first video game-based film to gross $1 billion globally. 

It surpassed Illumination’s Minions to become the studio’s highest-grossing release in May 2023. The film was the highest-earning film of 2023 until Warner Bros.’ Barbie overtook it in September.

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In conclusion, both reviewers and audiences have had varied reviews to the Super Mario Bros. Movie. While its aesthetics, soundtrack, and fidelity to the video game source material have received accolades, the narrative, plot depth, and several parts of the voice acting have received criticism. 

Concerns have also been expressed concerning the cast’s representation. Finally, it seems to be a picture that will appeal more to series aficionados while allowing opportunities for development in several areas.

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