Ultimate Guide to JBL DJ Speakers: Prices, Sets, and Specifications

JBL DJ Speakers

JBL is a most popular brand when it comes to professional sound devices. JBL, which is renowned for its excellent sound quality and cutting-edge future technologies, provides a vast selection of DJ speakers to meet the needs of both DJs and music lovers. 

We’ll delve into the world of JBL DJ speakers in this blog, looking at their various sets, costs, and features to give you the information you need to choose the best speakers for your DJ setup.

Introduction to JBL DJ Speakers

JBL DJ speakers are indeed a series of high-end, high-quality audio speakers created especially for DJs and audience members who demand powerful performance along with outstanding sound reproduction capacity. 

A well-known audio company, JBL, provides a broad selection of DJ speaker systems that are best known for their outstanding sound clarity, dependability, and cutting-edge features.

These speakers have been engineered to provide highly accurate and precise audio reproduction success, making sure that each beat and synth are replicated with clarity and depth. Clear vocals, zippy bass, and finely detailed highs are all provided by JBL DJ speakers, which are designed to withstand the contrast ratio and demands of DJ performances.

JBL DJ speakers are available in a variety of dimensions and shapes to accommodate a range of settings and audience sizes. They guarantee ideal sound dispersion, sturdiness, and dependability because they are made with premium materials and cutting-edge technological advances.

These speakers frequently have sturdy housings, are comfortable to manage, and require simple installation and transportation. Amplification units are also built into some models, making setup and assimilation into existing DJ systems simple.

DJs can easily connect a variety of audio sources to JBL DJ speakers thanks to their plug-ins, which include Bluetooth, XLR, and RCA. Additionally, they frequently have EQ controls and movable settings, enabling DJs to customize the sound to their tastes and adapt to various environments.

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Exploring JBL DJ Speaker Sets and Prices in India

Different DJ speaker sets from JBL are intended to provide rich, interactive virtual sound experiences. Various sets of speakers, woofers, power amplifiers, and other accessories are offered in these sets. The complete collection price and individual set prices are two important considerations for JBL DJ speaker sets in India.

The JBL DJ full set price in India can vary depending on the specific set and its components. It is essential to consider your budget and requirements when choosing a full set. Some popular JBL DJ full sets include 

These sets offer a comprehensive solution for DJs, providing excellent sound quality, portability, and durability.

If you prefer to build your own DJ setup, JBL offers individual components that allow you to create a customized set. The JBL DJ set price guide provides a comprehensive overview of the prices for individual speakers, woofers, and amplifiers. Some of the popular products are mentioned below:

No.ProductCategoryPriceVisit Here
1JBL Party box 310Speaker₹39,899Shop Now
2Jbl Professional Eon612Speaker₹61,919Shop Now
3Jbl A1500Hi 1500W 1 Channel Wired SubwooferSubwoofer₹4,770Shop Now
4JBL BassPro Hub 200-Watt SubwooferSubwoofer₹31,990Shop Now
5JBL Stage A9004-4 Channels AmplifierAmplifier₹11,777Shop Now
6JBL Concert A704 1000W 4-Channle Compact Footprint AmplifierAmplifier₹8,700Shop Now
7JBL Professional SRX815PSpeaker₹2,11,341Shop Now

JBL DJ Speakers 24 Inch Price in India

JBL offers 24-inch DJ speakers for those who want their DJ performances to deliver additional influence as well as power. These larger speakers produce excellent sound projection and deep bass. Let’s examine the 24-inch JBL DJ speakers in more detail and discover how much they cost in India.

JBL DJ speakers with such a 24-inch size are intended to deliver an interactive audio experience in big venues and outdoor concerts. To ensure crisp and powerful sound reproductive success, these speakers have a sturdy design, premium parts, and cutting-edge technology. They are perfect for DJs who need strong sound experience and the capacity to play music in large spaces.

Price Analysis and Features

Depending on the model and its features, 24-inch JBL DJ speakers in India can range in price. When comparing prices, it’s crucial to consider elements like power output, frequency response, and connectivity options. The JBL SRX835P and JBL PRX825 are two well-liked 24-inch DJ speakers from JBL.

Extensive low-frequency reaction, outstanding power handling, and a variety of plug – ins are all features of these speaker systems. Although the cost of 24-inch speakers could be higher than that of smaller speaker models, the performance improvement and coverage they offer make them a wise investment for professional DJs.

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JBL DJ Speakers 15 Inch 1000 Watt Price

Whether you’re performing at a small venue or a large event, the 15-inch size ensures that your music will be heard with clarity and impact. With a 1000-watt power rating, these speakers have the capability to fill any space with immersive sound, making them an ideal choice for professional DJs looking to elevate their performances. 

JBL DJ speakers with a 15-inch size are designed to offer a balance between compactness and robust sound reproduction. With a 1000-watt power rating, these speakers can deliver loud and clear audio in various environments, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor DJ performances.

But nowadays, the 15-inch JBL Professional DJ speaker usually comes with 1500 to 2000 watts of peak power handling.

Pricing Analysis and Sound Specifications

 For price analysis we have taken 2 popular JBL DJ speakers

  • JBL Professional SRX815P Portable 15

JBL Professional SRX815P Portable 15

Price – ₹2,11,341

The JBL Professional SRX815P is a high-end self-powered speaker with outstanding sound quality, a sturdy design, and a variety of features. The SRX815P’s price could be higher than some alternatives’, but its excellent sound reproduction, dependable construction, and cutting-edge technologies make up for it. This JBL speaker is a dependable option for those looking for uncompromised audio excellence, whether for live performances, DJ setups, or high – quality audio installations.

  • JBL JRX225 Dual 15

JBL JRX225 Dual 15

Price – ₹29,999

The JBL JRX225 Dual 15″ Two-Way Passive DJ/PA Speaker combines affordability, toughness, and outstanding sound quality in a compelling way. This speaker is ideal for DJs, PA applications, musical concerts, and other high – quality audio setups thanks to its dual low-frequency drivers, cutting-edge crossover design, and sturdy construction. Regardless of whether you are an audio enthusiast or a professional, the JBL JRX225 offers robust and highly interactive sound reproduction at a fair price.


For DJs and music lovers looking for exceptional sound quality and cutting-edge technology, JBL DJ speakers are a dependable option. JBL offers a variety of speaker systems and parts to suit different price points and needs. The JBL Party box 310 and JBL SRX815P are just two of the company’s premium and cost-effective models. 

Large venues and outdoor events can benefit from the immersive sound projection and powerful bass of the 24-inch and 15-inch models. For outstanding sound quality and durability, JBL’s JBL Professional SRX815P and JBL JRX225 are noteworthy choices.

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