Best Guitar for Beginners

Best Guitar for Beginners

When you are a beginner guitarist, it is important to find the right guitar that suits your playing style. This guide will help you choose the best guitar for beginners, whether you are looking for an acoustic or electric guitar.

Types Of Guitar for Beginners

Acoustic guitars are a great option for beginners because they are relatively easy to play. They are also less expensive than electric guitars, so they are a good option if you are on a budget. Electric guitars also come in different sizes, but they are typically smaller than acoustic guitars. 

Best Guitar Brands for Beginners in India

There are many guitar brands in India that cater to different budgets and requirements. So, choosing the best guitar brand can be a tough task.


Fender guitars are extremely popular in India, and the company has a major presence here as well. Fender also provides excellent after-sale service, making it an excellent choice for Indian customers.

Fender Guitars

Electric guitar manufacturer Fender is a well-known name in the industry. The distinctive sound and aesthetic of Fender guitars are well known. The company has over 70 years of experience in the market and is known for its quality and creativity.

Fender guitars are offered at various price points and meet the demands of both amateurs and experts.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Fender Player Stratocaster Electric700
Fender Player Telecaster Electric Guitar700
Fender American Professional II Stratocaster Electric Guitar1500


Givson is another top guitar brand that has been around for decades. Gibson guitars are known for their quality and craftsmanship.

Gibson Guitar

A well-known manufacturer of top-notch electric and acoustic guitars is Gibson. The company has been around for more than a century and is known for making guitars with distinctive sounds and looks.

Gibson guitars are renowned for their durability and playability and are crafted from the best materials. Gibson guitars are offered at various pricing points to accommodate the demands of beginners and professionals alike.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar1500
Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar1500
Gibson ES-335 Dot Electric Guitar3000


Yamaha is a Japanese firm known for creating musical instruments. The Yamaha guitar lineup includes acoustic and electric guitars that are well-known for their high quality and low price.

Yamaha Guitar

The name Yamaha is well-known for its high-quality musical instruments. Yamaha provides a wide selection of guitars that appeal to the demands of beginners, moderate and professional players.

The company is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies, inventive designs, and fine craftsmanship. Yamaha guitars are quite affordable and come in a variety of pricing ranges.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Yamaha FG800 Acoustic200
Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar200
Yamaha APX600 Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar300


These are some of the best guitar brands in India that offer a wide range of options for different budgets and requirements. So, choose the best guitar brand that suits your needs and budget.

Ibanez Guitar

A large variety of guitars, including electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, are produced by the Japanese company Ibanez.

Ibanez guitars are noted for their slim necks, rapid action, and diverse tone. Indian rock and metal musicians are particularly fond of the Ibanez RG line.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Ibanez RG421 Electric Guitar400
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar500
Ibanez RG550 Genesis Collection Electric Guitar1000

You should also know about the electric guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in modern music. It has been used by countless musicians across all genres to create beautiful and memorable sounds. These electric guitars under 7000 are best for beginners.


Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson and offers affordable versions of Gibson guitars. Epiphone guitars are known for their good build quality and sound.

Epiphone Guitar

Epiphone is a Gibson sister brand that sells high-quality guitars for less money. Guitars made by Epiphone are renowned for their outstanding playability, rich tones, and fashionable designs. The Les Paul and SG Epiphones are particularly popular among rock and blues guitarists in India.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric150
Epiphone ES-335 Pro Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar335
Epiphone Hummingbird PRO Acoustic-Electric Guitar400


ESP guitars are used by many professional musicians across the world.

ESP Guitar


PRS guitars are used by many famous musicians, and the company also has a strong presence in India.

PRS Guitar


Dean provides excellent after-sale service, making it a good choice for Indian customers.

Dean Guitar


Although a relatively young company, Washburn has quickly become well-known in India thanks to its superior build quality, adaptable sound, and chic aesthetic.


Washburn guitars are renowned for their superior playability, full tones, and premium parts. Indian guitarists are very fond of the Washburn Custom 24 model.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Washburn WD10S243
Washburn WLD10S365
Washburn Comfort WCG20SCE487


High-end acoustic guitars made by the well-known company Taylor Taylor are renowned for their rich tones and exceptional build quality. Taylor guitars have a distinctive shape that improves their tone and are constructed from premium wood.

Taylor guitar

Acoustic guitar players in India are particularly fond of the Taylor 214ce model.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Taylor 214ce1829
Taylor 814ce5487
Taylor GS Mini Mahogany




Martin is a famed guitar company that has been creating elevated acoustic guitars since the 1800s. Martin guitars are beloved for their rich, warm tone and are well-liked by both professional players and guitar aficionados due to their superb workmanship and attention to detail.

Martin Guitar

Martin provides a wide selection of acoustic guitars, from traditional dreadnoughts to smaller-bodied instruments, to accommodate varied playing styles and tastes.

Martin guitars can be very costly, but many people view them as a lifetime investment in a piece of musical history.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Martin D-284878
Martin OM-214268
Martin LX1E Little Martin1097


The Japanese guitar manufacturer Takamine is renowned for creating excellent acoustic instruments with integrated electronics that are perfect for live performances.

Takamine guitar

Takamine guitars are recognized for their outstanding playability, clean tone, and dependable amplification, and are a favorite option among artists who perform frequently.

Takamine provides a variety of acoustic guitars to fit various playing styles and price ranges, from entry-level models that are reasonably priced to high-end versions that include superior tonewoods and cutting-edge electronics.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Takamine GD20-NS Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 400
Takamine EF341SC Pro Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar1500
Takamine GD93CE G Series Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric700


Cort is a well-known Korean guitar manufacturer that creates inexpensive instruments with great value. Beginner and intermediate players who seek a high-quality guitar that won’t break the budget like Cort guitars.

While Cort provides a range of acoustic and electric guitars, they are most well-known for their electric guitars, which are intended for current playing styles and contain high-quality components and creative features.

Although reasonably priced, Cort guitars are constructed to a high level and have a solid reputation for dependability and quality.

Top ModelsPrice in USD
Cort CR100 Classic Rock Electric Guitar300
Cort Gold A6 Acoustic Guitar700
Cort MBC-1 Matthew Bellamy Signature Electric Guitar700

Best Guitar for Beginners – Acoustic or Electric?

If you are still learning the basics of guitar playing, you may want to consider purchasing an electric guitar. These guitars are easier to play than acoustic guitars and can help you learn the basics faster.

Buying Guide for Guitar

In this buying guide, we will go over all of the different elements that you need to consider before making your purchase.

  • Sound Quality

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a guitar is the sound quality. There are many different factors that affect the sound quality of a guitar, such as the type of wood used, the construction, and the finish. 

  • Construction

Another important factor to consider is the construction of the guitar. This includes things like the neck, body, and hardware. You want to make sure that the guitar is well-built so that it will last for a long time. 

Also, if you are planning on playing live shows or recording, then you need to make sure that the guitar can withstand the rigors of touring.

  • Finish

The finish of a guitar also affects its sound quality. The type of finish used can either absorb or reflect sound waves. If you want a guitar with good sound quality, then you should look for an instrument with a glossy finish.

  • Playability

The playability of a guitar is another important factor to consider. This way, you won’t have to press down on the strings as hard, which will make it easier for you to learn how to play.

  • Price

There are many different ways to save money when buying a guitar, such as buying a used one or finding a package deal.

Easy Steps to Play Guitar for Beginners

Most people believe that playing the guitar is very difficult. However, this is not true because, with the right guidance and some practice, anyone can learn to play the guitar within a short period. 

Secondly, you need to get yourself a good quality guitar. This means that you should not buy the cheapest guitar available but rather go for a guitar that is of good quality. A good quality guitar will last long and it will also be easier to play.

A good guitar teacher will help you learn the basics of playing the guitar and also give you tips on how to improve your playing skills. If you practice with a friend, you will be able to get feedback from him or her on how well you are doing. There are also mini guitars available in the market. These mini/small guitars are easy to carry and also a good option for beginners. 

Guitar is basically a musical instrument that is very popular all over the world. It has a beautiful rhythm that suits well with any type of music – whether pop, rock, classical, folk or modern songs. 

Many people take to learning guitar as part of their hobby and want to earn a name and fame in this field. However, learning guitar has multiple advantages. It provides several benefits to one’s mind and body.

  • Various research have shown that playing the guitar improves one’s memory. It also reduces the decline in memory power with growing age. So, for those who have weak memory power, you can try learning guitar.
  • Playing guitar regularly increases your concentration power and increases your ability to focus attention.
  • Practicing guitar improves your eye and hand coordination.
  • Playing the guitar helps in reducing stress. When you can express your emotions through the guitar, it can relieve you from stress and anxiety.
  • Learning guitar will make you addicted to it. With time you will gain more confidence and you will enjoy performing for shows.
  • Learning guitar makes your wrist and shoulder blades stronger. It also makes you energetic.

How to choose the right guitar for a beginner?

If you have decided to step into the world of music and learn guitar it is very important to know the different types of guitar and the sounds they produce. To match with your tone of music you should choose the appropriate guitar otherwise learning guitar would be very difficult. 

How to choose the right guitar for a beginner?

For beginners, the acoustic guitar with its nylon string is recommended because it is easier to use on your fingertips. However, it is not always true. The most important point for beginners is that they should opt for the guitar that matches with the rhythm of the music they choose. 

You need to select an electrical guitar for playing heavily twisted songs. For songs that require more fingerpick chords, go for the acoustic guitar.

How to pick a guitar for beginners?

  • Establish a realistic budget for it.
  • According to your age and build, select the appropriate size: full size, 34 sizes, or 12 sizes.
  • Select the type of guitar: acoustic or electric. Acoustic guitars are less complicated and provide a gentler tone, whilst guitar amps are more adaptable and allow you to explore other genres and styles.
  • Consider the shape and design of the guitar, as they can affect how it feels and plays.
  • Consider the instrument’s quality. If you’re looking for an acoustic guitar, look for one that’s well-made and has a solid top.
  • Before making a selection, experiment with other models. Play the guitar and listen to the sound it makes to ensure it is comfortable and sounds nice.


In conclusion, these are some of the best guitar brands in India that offer a wide range of options for different budgets and requirements. So, choose the best guitar brand that suits your needs and budget.

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